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Yeah, I don't get it either. I had a fair bit to do with the Nimrod guys in Ascension at that time (and the Victor guys for obvious reasons and the Herc guys) and I didn't get a sense of anything amiss.
lol...I was Squadron Training Team specialist on the bit of kit in question, a Combat Advanced (B-cat in old money) Lead Dry and but nobody in theatre in April 82 had more hands on time on said kit than I did.

But yeah, wtf did I know.

MAINJAFAD, you are on the right lines, but I'm not commenting further because individuals could be easily identified and I have no wish to engage with any one on a personal level. This is something that massively p11ssed me of in 1982 and which was quickly covered up thereafter. As usual history has now been changed...as it always is.

And really it's not even the main point. The main point is this...

"the Nimrod force served no useful purpose in any way, shape or form during Corporate, simply bimbling about just outside visual range of ASI"
If that is indeed what the man said (I have no idea) it is largely true. The semi useful stuff we did do, didn't really bring much to the table, and anybody that says that the ops would not have continued exactly as they did, if the Nimrod had stayed at home is talking through their hoop.

So what? The kipper fleet still did the best it could, and it contributed massively to our countries security in so many other theatres, especially the Cold War, which was by an order of magnitude far more important that the Falklands Conflict. Maritime patrol remains central to our nation security and thank goodness it is coming back.

As for the Falklands - one hell of a lot of military folk from all arms did a magnificent job - focus on them

I'm out.

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