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Mr Lawyer sir,

I appreciate you responding on an open forum which is quickly turning into a lion's den. As a point of reference, we both know one woman who is a helicopter pilot and it is a privilege to count her as a friend. Another woman was my main instructor and she now has a very successful career flying what could be argued to be one of the most iconic routes in commercial aviation. Today, these are very normal situations so I question the need to call out any achievement where the possession of a pair of ovaries is a deciding factor.

Getting back to the point, it appears that TCT's endeavour in highlighting women in aviation is not all that it seems. Would you not agree that taking along a qualified pilot in the front cockpit plus a number of men in a second aircraft rather detracts from demonstrating that women can fly solo for long distances ? A team effort of getting a biplane half way around the world is an achievement but in my view, does not merit any award.
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