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Jay Sata
The point I would make is you don't set out on a three month trip to Australia in a gas guzzling Stearman with no cash in the bank or time on your hands.
Do you really think people on an aviation website didn't already know that?
See my earlier comments about sponsorship.
I spent a decade as a BBC Radio Wales radio presenter with a daily programme during the 1980's and the miners strike.
I admit I'm flabbergasted by that.
What's happened to your communication skills since the 1980s?
I think I know a lot more about wealth or lack of it than most on here.
Perhaps. I was brought up in Wales very near the mining valleys, have a house there and visit regularly.
We disagree about the relevance of personal wealth in this context.
I have no reason to believe that TCT is personally wealthy but she is clearly extremely good at raising sponsorship.

Yes, I know Steve Slater. I haven't seen him for about 18 months and have no reason to contact him to discuss the LAA award.
I'm curious about it, not obsessed with it.
before this makes the national press?
It's taking a long time to do so, in any country. As far as I'm aware, only a small circulation media outlet in Canada has questioned the 'solo' aspects of TCT's flights. You might have had more success if you restricted yourself to incontrovertible facts, presented coherent focused arguments and avoided making unfounded assertions which are demonstrably untrue.
Let me ask you a direct you think Tracey Curtis Taylor flew as a solo pilot the Artemis sponsored Stearman from the UK to Sydney as portrayed by the national and international press?
If you took the trouble to digest what people say you would not need to ask that question.
My response to you as long ago as the 29th April began with this:
I agree with you that any suggestion that it was a solo flight is very misleading.
My response to you on the 5th May included this:
You have made your point that TCT's flight was not solo in any sensible meaning/interpretation of that term.
No-one has disagreed with that - in either of your two other threads in this forum.
Many of us already knew.
When you have your awards banquet later in the year will you all be happy to give this prestigious Masters Medal to someone who clearly had another person on board as depicted in global news pictures?
I told you on the 29th April:
The Honourable Company of Air Pilots has awarded her the Master's Medal (which will be presented in October) for highlighting women in aviation and encouraging girls/young women to pursue their aspirations even if they seem to be beyond reach. I don't remember the precise words but that is the gist.
The Court (governing body) of the Air Pilots was fully aware that it was not a solo flight when it ratified the (then) Master's decision.

On a lighter note........... Judith's little Jodel G-BDIH is still flying.
That's good.
The (leased) C210 in which she set/broke so many records in 1980 was destroyed just a few years later.
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