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Jay Sata
Most of these big adventures, that generate reams of newsprint around the world,have always been the arena where the rich and wealthy get recognition in their social circle.
In my opinion this hyper promoted woman does nothing to further GA or eliminate the public view flying light aircraft is only for the rich.
Can you post, or provide a link to, any evidence that TCT is "rich and wealthy"?
She undoubtedly raised an enormous amount of money in sponsorship ("about a £million" she said recently) and obtained other support which would have cost a fortune if she'd had to pay for it. That is very different from being personally "rich and wealthy."
Sadly this whole debacle, far from promoting women in UK general aviation, suggests again the well financed and socially connected are still the winners.
TCT was well-financed (see above) and is undoubtedly 'socially connected' now.
Can you post, or provide a link to, any evidence that she was 'socially connected' before these flights?
Compare previous reciepients of the HCAP Masters award to TCT. How on earth, if you pardon the pun, can TCT be in the same class as last years winners.
I readily understand why many people might share your view - even more so if they wrongly believe that last year's Master awarded her a Master's Medal for a 'solo' flight.

Plus (Steve Slater) is a liveryman of the HCAP and has publicly expressed doubt of the award of the Masters Medal to Tracey Curtis Taylor.
What Steve Slater actually said was:
I have reservations as to whether the Air Pilots are right in awarding her such an accolade for a ‘Feat of Navigation’.
As you are well aware, TCT was not awarded a Master's Medal for a ‘Feat of Navigation’.

I have never done, nor am I ever likely to do, any flying that would come even close to meriting any award. However, I do know a great deal about advocacy and I've watched with interest in various threads on this topic as you consistently ruin valid points by endless repetition and by introducing often silly extraneous matters.
As comedian Frank Carson used to say, "It's the way I tell 'em!"
There's another side to that coin which you illustrate well: You manage to irritate people who actually agree with your basic point.
If you could lose your chip about wealthy people (which, as far as I'm aware, TCT is not) and keep your message simple, restricting yourself to incontrovertible facts, you are far more likely to be taken seriously and not dismissed as some crank with a bee in his bonnet.


"big hotels", "high end hotels"
There you go again.
I have no idea where she stayed, but does it matter?
Should where a pilot stayed during a long international flight be a factor taken into account when deciding whether he/she deserves an award?
Dave Sykes is my nomination for a real genuine public award
What have you done about it?
It's pointless nominating him here. PPRuNe doesn't give awards.

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