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How strange ....

Here we have someone who seems to find that George W. Bush is worse than Kim Jong-Un, just going by the fact that he can find no good words for W. but plenty of excuses for the Kimster, his "potential reformer."

How's that potential reform program working for you, John? Still on track? How does the closure of Kaesong fit in that? I need to ask because it looks to my untrained eye like a step backwards and one that came from moves made mostly by Kim Jong-Un.

It's an odd thing, the way our Man in Pyongyang comes up with random pronunciamentos but then customarily retreats into sulky silence. I was expected day-to-day updates on reforms made by Kim III but instead we are back in the somewhat distant past, forced to read quiet moaning about George W. Bush, out of office for over 7 years now.

Come on now, John! Let George W. Bush drop, and get back to trying to polish this North Korean turd. People who harbor a violent dislike of W. are two a penny but, as far as I know, you are the only non-captive of Kim Jong-Un who consistently parrots his Party line.
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