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Do you still have to pay for the psychometric testing, sim interview, Endorsement plus $10,000 'management fee'…..
Can't tell you about the interview process costs but under the latest EBA the company will pay for your type-rating with the proviso that you will remain on the 'level 1' FO salary for 4 years rather than 12 months.

Currently basic narrow-body FO1 salary is $101075 (uplifts by 3% in July) but a prospective employee may only be offered employment under the Flexi-Line agreement (effectively 75% part-time) which would make it a basic of $74121. If employed under FL you must be offered full-time after 24 months from checked-to-line if you're not out of the cap of 10% of total pilot strength, ie only 80 pilots out of 800 can be on 'forced' FL. Pilots on Flexi-line can be rostered no more than 15 working days per month and will usually be rostered to 56 credit hours, any excess being payable, but are not entitled to work under the 'Highline' provisions of the EBA.

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