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In fact it looks 'terminal' for gliding 'as was'
In truth it looks terminal for UK Military Aviation, because the systemic failures of which tuc speaks permeate it throughout. You may be sure that this is a major preoccupation for those at the very top. No doubt the grounding of the ACO fleet is as much to do with behind the scenes politics as it is to do with Air Safety.

On the face of it the ODH is to be applauded for taking such decisive action and indeed should be, but the airworthiness problem doesn't stop just there. It infects every other fleet, and what are their ODHs to do? They are on their own because the Authority that should back them has no real authority, and those that do have a much greater priority than the mere airworthiness of the RAF, FAA, or AAC, and that is to protect their 6 o'clock. It is the cover up that is the real threat, because while it continues no acknowledgement of the problem, let alone reform, can happen.

That is the nature of this scandal, the protection of VSO reputations threatens the fighting capability of UK Air Power. One or the other must end soon...

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