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I'm not an admirer of MK for a whole bunch of reasons talked about in plenty of places - the records of how he was struck off as a vet, easily found online, are a good start. He could have done much of what he has, without breaking quite so many rules, or deliberately setting out to undermine other people's positions.

But some of the other names mentioned. Eve Jackson - largely unsupported, and built the aeroplane herself first! Dave Sykes - totally unsupported, and in a wheelchair when not in a microlight. Brian Milton - partially supported, partially solo and not brilliant at acknowledging those who did help him, but nonetheless he did it all with a great deal of flair and managed all of the flying himself. All three of these I've seen regularly just turning up and being "another aviator" at numerous aviation events, and for that they also deserve respect.

And various people who have done things like this for charity - Andy and Sam being a good example.

There are people out there who have definitely earned accolades for their flying.

Any award for TCT (or anybody else), I think should be judged in the perspective of what it was for. If it's for publicising light aviation and inspiring young women in particular to take up flying - there are some valid points there, because she has. But, letting it be assumed that she was flying solo (and there's plenty around saying she had a more experienced pilot on board for a lot of her trips, not just a cameraman) is a tad naughty.

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