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“The central question (completely unresolved by credible evidence) is why there is a low level of female participation?”

This is a fair point; the industry is really struggling to figure out why women don’t participate in flying. It is not completely unresolved though, more and more studies are being conducted to find an answer. So far research has identified some issues worth considering:

Lack of support from family or spouse.
Very few women pilot mentors or role models.
Generally less exposure to mechanized hobbies and schooling at a young age.

These are just a few gleaned from brief glances at several studies conducted overseas but there are many reasons starting to emerge as to why women are socialized into avoiding flying. Studies have shown that many girls mistakenly think physical strength is required, or that they will be treated badly in the cockpit. Its up to the industry to correct these misconceptions.

JQ is simply trying to figure out why so few women upstream of the process are selecting the pilot career that is impacting applicant numbers at the coalface. This process will provide the industry with guidance as to how to attract women into the flying school. Maybe more female pilots attending job fairs? Maybe a more visible role for presently employed female pilots within the wider industry? Its up to the experts to figure how best to utilize the data.

“Another way of saying it, is asking two questions, will a quota system…..”

Again, quotas have been covered. They will not solve the problem JQ are facing and I will go on record as saying that JQ will not be writing a policy that discriminates against any group of people. You may read such a goal from the brief information provided by the article but it is not the case. It would prove to be completely counter productive.

“Are you actually a pilot Orange Future?”

Yes indeed, have been for a long time.

“…..people are no longer willing to take such risks”

Indeed a good point. This is why so few people are getting into aviation now, the flying school numbers are minute compared to the 70’s when I became involved. The pay is lower, the cost is higher and the industrial protection is far weaker.

“There is no such thing in the airline world where an individual pilot can go and negotiate a salary….”

Correct. Which is why I made the statement that “at no point have I suggested that female pilots are paid less than male pilots”

Women in the wider airline industry ARE paid less than their male equivalent, especially managers.


“You are on a professional Pilot forum attempting to condemn an industry…..”

I am not condemning an industry at all, in fact I have been very clear on several occasions: “this argument is not to assign blame. Its not our fault, its not Jetstar's fault.”

My view is that the airline industry is subject to gender socialization just like every other walk of life and I am not going to retreat into my corner and have a dummy spit simply because an airline is trying to attract women into its ranks.

“…..that you don't understand”

I understand the industry very well, however this argument is less about understanding the industry and more about understanding social behavior.

The rest of your post is jumping at shadows, accusing me of making arguments I have not made. For example: “Cite details of present airline recruitment processes that facilitate discrimination”.

I have not suggested anywhere on this thread that airlines facilitate discrimination. Please cut and paste, or use the quote function (something that I am having trouble with and I apologize) to provide an example of where I have suggested that airlines discriminate.


“Ok. Again I'll ask. What are they?”

I suspect you are seeking a golden bullet, a clearly cut solid tangible example of where women come up against barriers when trying to gain employment as a pilot.

I don’t think these clearly defined obstacles really exist anymore, although they certainly once did.

The focus should shift from trying to find barriers to trying to figure out why do girls not look at the sky and think, cool, a 727, I would love that lifestyle, as I did.

I don’t know the answer, but it’s the answer that the industry is looking for and I don’t think it’s our job to prevent them from figuring it out.

If JQ tomorrow start providing preferential treatment to women to crew their planes to keep the “PC” police happy or to make the chief pilot feel all warm and fuzzy then I will be first to argue the inappropriateness of such a move.

The central part of the argument here is that JQ will either by fumbling accident or sneaky design, make fewer pilots available to crew their planes in the future. This is simply false, as touchy feely as the policy may appear, they are guided by money only and are s%$# scared about low pilot numbers in the future.
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