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Thanks for those links and without doubt a credit to the awards committe.

I also mention Maurice Kirk who despite his incredible achievements taking a Cub on a limited budget over halfway around the world would never get past the car park on such an occasion.

I notice no one wants to credit his achievements on this thread.

To me a lot of the PR surrounding these flights smacks of Blair and his dodgy dossier and Clinton with his Monica Lewinsky defence.

Don't let the facts get in the way.

Well publicised long distance flights such as the London Sydney run have always been for the wealthy funded individuals who want to make a song and dance about their achievements.

Romeo Tango did the UK to Australia and back to the UK in a single back in the mid 80's as he posted earlier in this thread and claimed it was no big deal.

However it appears that all of the major public names from day one were well funded while many unsung heroes have done the trip on a shoestring.

The real aviation heroes in my opinion are the ferry pilots who have flown single engine aircraft from the USA to Sydney across the Pacific for decades.

I got my single engine PA32 ferried from Camarillo in California to Sydney Australia by Southern Cross Aviation in 1989 and those guys never got a gong.

Routine work for the unsung real pilots out there.

Does it really make a difference what sex you are on these trips or indeed religion or colour.

Andy Hardy and Sam Kidd flew their old 1966 Cherokee to To Sydney in 2013 and raised over 10'000 for Oxfam.

The trip had to route through Denmark to add an additional fuel tank. Sadly as they were two normal blokes in an old aircraft the national and international press never even mentioned them.

I understand they never qualified for a LAA navigation award or a HCAP award as they were just ordinary people in and ordinary aircraft.

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