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There are barriers to women in aviation, otherwise there would be more women in aviation. It is proven simply by the numbers, unless you believe that women's brains simply aren't suited - and anyone who believes so needs to seriously reconsider their priorities in life.
Has anyone found any references to how many female CPL graduates there are annually? The day a flying school doesn't accept money from someone based on gender is the day hell freezes over.

From personal observations once people graduate there is a natural attrition that happens roughly in this order.
  • Unwilling to move away from home town, therefore can't find a job
  • Unwilling to go beyond emailing resumes to look for work (unwilling to travel remotely)
  • Doesn't get a job within a month or two like the flying school that took their money told them they would, throws in the towel
  • Unwilling to move to a remote location
  • Finds that remote living is a lot different to their hometown so retreats back to hometown
  • Finds that working for employers that border on sociopaths isn't that much fun
  • Not getting the progression they were promised by the flying school promised they would see as they were parting with 100k
  • Realising living in some very expensive locations on near poverty wages and paying back loans is extremely difficult, so they find a job that pays better money
  • Finally gets on to a twin, get those magic 500 hours multi and realises the airlines are knocking down the door like the flying school that helped them part with 100k, so they pull up stumps
  • Finally get an airline interview and bomb out, loses self confidence and calls it quits
  • Gets in to a regional, realises they're still getting paid poverty wages and that it's really not much better than GA
  • Fails a jet interview or two, disheartened and realises that there is no way they can support a family on this money, so finds a job that does
  • Gets that elusive jet job and gets worked hard and realises that it's still not really better than GA

Each of those has a certain percentage of attrition and is by no means gender specific. Now if say only 10% of CPL/MECIR graduates are female and there is an equal attrition across the above, lets say 40% of the original graduates. That'd leave 6 females and 60 males out of every 100 graduates that'll be up to an airline standard, though I'd probably guess that it is more like a 60% attrition rate on gut feel alone. As we mentioned, there is no way in hell a flying school will not turn down an income source due to sex.

Aviation is hard and sometimes miserable slog and is most definitely not for everyone. I wouldn't say that males are better equipped to handle it than females, it's more that it requires someone with certain personality traits that gets them through.

But as long as fewer than 50% of CPL/MECIR graduates are female then we will always have a disparity of qualified people at the top end, it's pretty simple.
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