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According to the FR24 data I saw, a gradual descent began at 09:51 UTC, from 3250ft and at 09:54, at approx 2225ft the speed dropped rapidly from around 140kts to 64kts within a few seconds.

At this point radar data appears to end.

I'm sorry I don't have more detailed data. This is just from ordinary playback/graph thus may be inaccurate.

Link: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/a...ln-ojf#98ee4bc
Looks like a stable descent from 3000'** to 2000'** probably under ATC instruction given the range to the airport. About 1 min after levelling out something catastrophic happens with a 10deg yaw to the right, and rapid loss of altitude and airspeed, given the eye witness reports of the loss of main rotor and the fact it was found 300-500m from the rest of the wreckage the crew wouldn't have stood a chance.


** =I'm assuming the ALT given on FR24 wont reflect QNH/QFE
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