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Well, well, well... The Japanese have their noses out of joint.
They didn't get the submarine contract and are demanding an explanation as to why.

Of course the Foreign Minister's (not their Trade Minister, you notice) sentiments were expressed in that peculiarly Nipponese way,
"Regret", "Sorrow", and "Disappointment".
I kind of got the impression from the tone of his announcement that we'd been unwise to reject the opportunity to participate in another
"Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere".
Well, we saw how the last one turned out didn't we?.

Then, to top it all off, the Nips are so inward-looking (don't confuse that with introspective) and anally-retentive that they can't see how
such protestations might be viewed here in Oz the day after Anzac Day.

Of course, Minister, you weren't personally involved in the sinking, by a Japanese submarine, of the Australian Hospital Ship 'Centaur'
just off Brisbane that night in May of 1943, were you?
Let me refresh your memory..
The white-painted and brightly floodlit ship emblazoned with Red Crosses, was just sitting there - a juicy target that was just too good
for your Honourable Ancestors to pass up, wasn't it?
In total, 264 of the 322 persons on board perished. Just one nurse survived.

'Please, kindly', Minister, take your offended sensibilities somewhere else.
Particularly on the day after Anzac Day.
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