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Dick Smith
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ATCs Can you assist with this query.?

I note from Flight Radar 24 that there is rarely an aircraft above FL410 over the Aus mainland.

I can fly my Citation to and from Christmas Island above this level. Obviously I can climb out of BK in radar airspace so this should not be a problem.

En Route I would have to be treated procedurally however this would also happen if I was at FL290. So what would be the difference?

On descent into Broome I would also have to be procedurally separated from other traffic. If any traffic was there!

Now if at 290 wouldn't I have to be separated from other traffic descending into places like Alice and Ayers Rock from higher flight levels ?

Doesn't this mean all the controllers will have to be procedurally rated and current?

So what's the problem in approving my flight at FL450? Or is it just sheer bastardry ?

Remember John Mc Cormac wanted to give dispensations but AsA said not acceptably safe.

Yes. I can afford the $8 k of extra fuel- but what a rediculous ( ree-DIK-ulus) waste. I would rather donate it to Angel Flight so they can do some extra good work.

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