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Forgive me if this sounds naive but surely the industry as a whole has some say in what CASA can and can't do...
pressing the issue to government re the huge cost should see them back down and bring us more in line with the US? what happens in Europe? are all a/c there required to have ADSB? what about low level IFR?

AOPA don't appear to have much power, shown by the amount of threads on PPRuNe complaining about CASA,
Is it time for a new union to represent the industry?
there are a great deal of wealthy and influential people on PPRuNe,
if a factual breakdown of the costs incurred by the industry surely at the very least an interest free loan could be offered to cover the cost of the installation,

all the ADSB mandate favors is the large and established operators who can easily afford the $200K fit. (who are then favored by lower fuel costs as they can operate above FL290) what about the myriad of operators running old iron, how much did it cost Alliance to upgrade?

At the end of the day i see Australia as the country where the little guy is afraid to tell the big guy to get f*cked,
and that's not just against the government, i see it all the time in big business,
laws/ requirements are introduced without consultation with the little guy who is then shot down for trying to negotiate back.
e.g. needless safety measures that do more to hinder than 'keep safe'

so has anyone said f*ck off to the big guy?
or more reasonably, lets relax and follow the US example?
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