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Question Criminal act (s)

A question for those who profess to have some knowledge of the law. If I, as a UK citizen resident in one part of the UK, Northern Ireland, or maybe Scotland or possibly Wales, say, or even a county in England like, say, Cumbria, were to have suspicions that a crime or series of crimes had taken place in another part of the UK in, shall we say, Nottinghamshire, and I had no proof of such, nor indeed what particular crime or crimes had been committed but DID have various statements from official sources that, on being read MIGHT indicate that a crime or crimes had been committed, could I report such to the appropriate county police force?

If that were to be so, would it complicate matters if such alleged crime or crimes had been committed on MoD land by civilians, but not investigated by the appropriate Provost Marshall of the military arm concerned and whose property had been affected? - Just asking
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