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ACO 'going mad'

Frelon They have already gone mad,that is why the organisation is unable to heal itself from the self inflicted wounds.
Standard (poor company tactic) close the old system (which in this case was not broke) flag up the NEW system and ensure no one around to query the incompetence.
Parachute in some senior spokespersons's to talk to the press and media circus and 'hey presto' all is well and much safer !!
We all know it is utter B...s,and those running this fiasco are complete nit wits,but those at the very top have no idea what it is all about anyway so rely on the 'so-called' commanders in post to appraise them.
The RAF/MOD have enough problems in the real defence system to worry about so the Air Cadets are way down the lists of concern.
If i were a CGI i would be contacting the scouts who are looking to expand their 'Air' bit and offering my experience to them. I also suspect the no Civilian bit is being used to fill the 'uniform' gap in the normal Cadet Squadrons.
Either way it shows a complete lack of knowledge on the part of HQ ATC as to where a huge part of the input came from and how well they served the system safely for decades.
As stated before this sorry bunch of no-hopers at the top would never have passed Staff Cadet selection in our day. Dib Dib Dib.
I feel deeply for those Cadets who were deprived of a life changing experience and have been so badly let down. IT IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER DISGRACE.
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