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There has certainly been mention of engineering issues, but it would be nice to get some detail. I seem to remember than a hinge was fitted that was subsequently approved by the DA, but happy to be corrected. Let's have some more facts.

As I've posted before, the central issue (for me) is the apparent failure of the RAF Engineering Authority to comply with basic regulations and good practice in supervising their maintenance organisation. It's a central issue because if this isn't addressed the same could (and probably will) happen with a new contract.

As Tuc has rightly pointed out, the post MAA regs are, in practice, the same as the old ones. The main change has been to move the levels of decision authority upwards by at least one rank or sometimes two. That's bad news, because engineering decisions that could be taken at the correct working level will now have to be 'staffed' for a senior officer to approve. That will add time and subtract common sense and engineering judgement. This system will not survive a shooting war.

Best regards as ever to all those working the system as best they can

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