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ATC Gliding

Throughout this sorry saga which I have watched with mounting irritation the assumption, wrong I think, that we should get back to where we were

For many years scholarships were provided at flying clubs for cadets with great success. The training met the need and was cheap. Clubs obtained reward so long as they did the job correctly and passed inspection

There are many Gliding Clubs meeting the BGA rules and offering big price reductions to the young. Borders Gliding Club (Milfield) has offered my Rotary Club an excellent deal allowing us to provide a local youngster with a Gliding Bursary up to solo

It would be interesting to examine the cost of the proposed solution and how many more youngsters could be trained to fly for the proposed budget

No doubt there would be issues of staffing and insurance but they are not insurmountable as our bursary shows. At least we would have a workable solution which would not repeat this debacle
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