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ACW Well i have actually written several letters direct to all the top brass including the Defence Minister at his office.No reply from HQ ATC or The Minister and reply from CAS was from his PR dept stating that all was getting better and Cadets were getting flying elsewhere at present (in other words they do not really accept there is a problem).
This of course is the main problem;the organisation is in complete denial as to what is wrong and what is actually required,and as you have seen from Hon Pres 2FTS and what was GAPAN they are only now making comments and 'spinning' the official line. We have brought this out into the open (press now involved),but in the end what else do we do. As alluded before unless there is a change at the top there will be no change to what is going on,because they are not going to admit they are at a complete loss as how to run the system,or what it requires to get it back on track.
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