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@LEEDS APPROACH couldn't disagree more!

When easyjet started LPL-NCE all those years ago there was outcry about killing BA Citiexpress off the route at MAN. What happened? EZY developed a whole new market and citiflier pax on the roue grew also.

Passengers will come, some will be people who wouldn't have otherwise flown, some will be because the economy will benefit and grow, business will develop.

It's proven history.

There maybe some redistribution of passengers around the region but the overall growth outweighs this.

Now, I wonder if you objected so strongly to Jet2 when they started services competing with existing carriers at LBA? Surely monarch and ryanair should be asked to leave leeds because jet2 got their first? Because that is how you sound to me.

Competition is a good thing, in my opinion.
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