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I have deleted my original comments. Some of them were in major frustration I apologise.
Some of my points still stand though. As an 18 year old failed by the ACO and it's very slow and painful downfall in aviation opportunities, I moved to the BGA. The denial of flying to many likeminded young people is totally unacceptable, the training needs to be brought into the 21st century if you're going to use new gliders, fact as most two seaters other than the K21 will spin, spinning accidents at low level have killed in the past and they will do again. Many along with I will never totally understand the ACO way of doing things, but until differences are settled the glory days are over, my club along with many are finding it difficult to cooperate with 2FT/HQAC so have no option but to just reject cadet flying as unfeisable. Change is required, but in more places than first thought.

I can only hope that these are the darkest days and that I will be one of very few young air minded people to succeed by actually having to leave the ACO. Because I fear otherwise that at this rate there won't be many instructors in many years to come to teach aspiring aviators as the average age of instructors continues to rise (B1 or above) in both civillian and VGS gliding.


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