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Already lots of non RAF pilot ex civvies and ex VGS flying AEF apparently, chatted to one doing some stuff at my civvy school only last week.

Will be interesting to see how they convert these Viggie guys and girls. Those that haven't done a Ppl etc in their own time aren't anywhere near even PPL standard on light aircraft. They never done - spinning, Aeros, navigation, used nav aid kit, diversions, power approaches, used flaps LOI, busy RT, used power during stalk recoveries etc. All the ground school they've ever done was glider stuff as well so will they have to do proper light aircraft ground school and exams?

For me as a civvy to do trial lessons with Aeros I would have to be a CPL/FI with Aeros course and test done. Can't see how a Viggie guy would be same safety standard without loads of training and tests. Good luck to them though they are all great people
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