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Why would you need that? If the AME cannot issue a medical, he will issue the pilot with a form that says exactly that, while inputting the same in the CAA online system (LBA in germany) and the CAA then will pull the license of the pilot in question. Without a medical he can not be rostered to fly. So there is no need for any additional information. Either he is fit to fly and gets his medical, or he isn't.

In cases that are not that clear cut, an AMC or the authority has to decide if a medical can be issued, and what if any restrictions are on that medical.

I would argue that Lubitz was open about his condition during his initial training. But not nearly as open apparently when he relapsed later on during his career because he was afraid he might lose his job, a direct result of the current state of fear in the long running and very bitter conflict between pilots and managment in the lufthansa group, where pilots see their jobs outsourced to cheap contracts left and right.
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