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KA Trainers do not have a choice.
It will show up on the roster - check mate - they can choose between Sick/MD/getting fired.
We will possibly see direct entry F/O's on bases for punishment.
Possibly a joint Seniority list.A few freighter aircraft being move away. Endless possibilities. All blamed on the AOA.

It's extremely naive to think a little training ban can push a multi-billion company over.

If Ivan can smile about billions of fuel hedging losses in 2015 and the next 3-4 years
without getting fired, he won't mind to kick a few expat bus drivers out and replace with some ecstatic young blood.

Rod would be wise to accept the latest offer by vote and negotiate later.
Don't leave money on the table.
Or accept the great legacy, the man who accelerated the demise.....

Btw, a big congratulation to all of you. Nothing has improved since the training ban.
Things got worse and will get even worse....

C'mon leave then, haha.Built your sand castles in Meidan.
Cx attrition rate is one of the smallest of any major carrier.
It's crystal clear you have been outsmarted.....

Enjoy your Sunday while I look after my private business....

Good read for rainy Sundays - "who moved my cheese".

What really cracks me up: Active trainers being pro training ban......
Hey but but but but I have children...i need the money....I,I,I,I I am just a slave executing my rosters.....I love to fly......I love DB, TC.....
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