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In 2000 Dr Harold Shipman was found guilty in the UK of killing 15 patients. And an Inquiry suggested that he may have killed over 200.

The UK medical standards and training were altered to prevent a repeat, with modern data processing. Patients have been able to allow this information to be used to improve the Health Service.

Whether this had been possible to allow such information to the Central Medical Board in the case of Civil Pilots, I know not. (The CMB has recently had its long experience in such matters, much reduced, which may be a pity.)

Something along the lines of the U.K's Medical Records arrangements might have made the many Medical consultations by Lubitz worth noticing, especially as they may have been with different Doctors.

Modern Information technology would not have been available when the Confidentiality requirements were (understandably) imposed, but that was,now, several decades ago.


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