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Teddy Robinson
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Failure / degradation of the main attitude reference system naturally enough places higher emphasis on the standby instrument, normally an electrically driven gyro.
On all of the types I have encountered in commercial ops, this instrument rather small and positioned center left on the panel. Sure we have all practiced with it in the sim, normally as a stopgap to bring the main systems back online, but of course, when it is really needed on the proverbial dark and stormy night, it CAN get lost in all of the much brighter and noisier failure modes, and from the ones that I have used, once the aircraft is in a very bad place, it is not a great tool for recovery simply by virtue of its size.

Just thinking aloud, but perhaps something as simple as a ring of LED around this instrument that illuminates at a mis-compare signal (and training of course) might help in getting the attention to where it should be when things go pear.
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