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Broken Biscuits I have all the released SHG documents from the invitation stages. Megabytes of pdf. As the St Helena Access website is a very large and slow download, I could share a quicker download with you to flesh out the bare bones. [Google Earth does have uncorrected errors because it is a flat plane mosaic and I have a host of other data plus some survey data already published but not widely known]. And I have the original DOS 71/4 Ladder Hill Astro Survey plus pristine 1:0000 prints and transparencies. You see I participated in the 1989 aerial survey of St Helena. I'd like to see your stuff plotted. If you already have the WS Atkins docs as published by SHG all well and good. It took me a whole day to download on an appallingly slow link. If not get in touch. Very well done, I know what it is like getting anything at all out of SHG.
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