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Fenestron Stall

Fenestron stall does not exist - they tell us - but there is an interesting Aerospatiale Service Letter that explains a particular issue if you are operating a 365 with winds from the starboard quarter (4 'o'clock) as this can induce LTE. The advice if this occurs during take off is to apply full right yaw pedal, reduce collective and land immediately. The letter goes on to say that trying to solve the LTE problem by taking to the skies has never worked.

I'm not saying that this is the cause for we don't have any facts upon which to make a judgement but we do have the video and this suggests a possible LTE situation.

I found this SL after an incident in Cameroon back in 2000 and it was one that had been around for quite a while. Old it may be but relevant it remains.

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