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I can just say that ACE is crap, full of faults.

Airline pilot interviews, the same. I have both of them. Both did not help me to get a job(and I had/have plenty of jobs).

Why? Ace is simply outdated im my opinion, there are much better resources nowadays to get tech quiz questions and answers.

The other one is tailored to the american market(glad to never had to get a major job over there after I had a read through this book). Useless for Europe and the middle east, might help for some asian companies as they have most likely the same sad ideas about how their new employee has to be. If you read Jasinkis book you know what I mean.

Better option which helped me much more: Pick your airline, then try to get PM advice here over this forum. Other good source is for instance are others, usually much more expensive), they have a very good tech(+ other) database that you have to pay for. But it is worth its money(better then both books).

I think there is a database for SXS(I applied once for them, but actually never went for the interview, Turkey is not for me). On top they will send you a link for Mollymawk psych testing(free) where you can train for a bit to be prepared for their "german style box tests" which proofs that you are a top pilot . So there is actual a good chance that you pass this interview with a bit of preparation.
One of my former collegues flies with them(Capt) seems to be happy.

Hope that helped....
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