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Originally Posted by MTOW View Post
Exactly this same situation happened in my old airline some decades ago. He was sacked, (and I don't think there was a single pilot in the company who'd flown with the man who disagreed with the company/local regulator's decision, which speaks volumes), but when he returned to his own country, (a smallish country in Western Europe), he seems to have been able to convince the locals that the wife had stitched him up. He's still flying as a captain in his home country as far as I know, and I'm pretty sure he frequents these pages.
So, I'm going to ask: if he's still flying, as a captain, with no visible problems - Isn't it possible that's exactly what happened?

I know neither him nor her, I don't know the situation why everyone agreed with the decision to sack him, but I know some people that I would agree to sacking...

I also knew some rather vengeful women some of which I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled a stunt like that just to spite their ex.

Disclaimer: just an SLF, not that captain. ;-)
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