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Originally Posted by ExSp33db1rd View Post
Very disappointing. I think after that month I started not caring for alcohol.
I'd happily drink alcohol free beer, except that there are very few that are palatable. Swan Brewery, Perth, W.Aus. used to make one for Saudi Arabia that was actually quite good, but I haven't found it for many a year, and certainly not in NZ at the moment.
On my one and only visit to your Land of the Long White Cloud, in Auckland on my 1st confrontation with a NZ beer machine, that dispensed 8 or 10 unknown beers, I made an instant decision to start at the left hand tap and continue along the row until I found a beer that I found palatable.

I was lucky, I enjoyed the 1st one

As we toured North Island I stuck with this beer and happily asked for it by name at each port of call.

On arrival at my brother in law's place near Wellington, we are promptly taken out to his excellent RSA club and I am asked, 'What are you drinking?' when I say's 'I'll have a Speights!" he responded, 'But that a South Island beer'. In the same Yorkshire ascent and tone of distaste that he would have used to describe Watney's.
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