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I did nearly 3 years with them.

Nice things? Maybe some of the collegues, I remember the cadets I used to fly with, nice fellas, mainly brits if I recall right. Was nice actually to have someone to have a chat with without always being scared to say something wrong. Had as well some southamerican FOs on the fleet, a pleasure to fly with as well.

On the other hand then some locals reading in the coran for the entire flight(no BS) and doing other weird things.

So, coming up with stuff I liked, even after a lot of years(and normally you see things more relaxed after a couple of years) is very hard for me.

Another thing that comes to my mind what I really always hated - the yearly lies when Mr.B promised us payrises and retirement(lol).

If you look nowadays in the EK thread then it seems as well this once nice company went south, don't want to start about the "unspeakable" other carrier in the UAE.
Seems the ME will be having troubles filling their pilot ranks over the next couple of years because a lot of experienced pilots returning back home to greener lands or going even further away into the chinese market(brrr).

Depends really on your personal preferences in life - money or having a life. Hard to accomplish both.
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