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Love the pic & the welcome RBG!

The SSK, you still in Belgium?

Wiking managed to finagle his electric dinky-toy up our unplowed driveway at 6 AM. He´s clever that way. Ruckus started at 07.00 hours when neighbour (VW bus) and lodger (minivan) tried and spectacularly failed at the same thing.

Loudly revving engines, repeated high speed run ups, cursing in Norsk and Polish. They carried on so that I abandoned hopes of further sleep.

Lodger finally got up to the road, neighbour stopped trying. Had they each grabbed a snow plow and cleared the driveway together ....

Stuff coming down unremittingly. And so heavily that OSL airport's heroic snowplow conga line is having problems and Wiking's planned flight to Trondheim is delayed until who knows. Not often that happens.

Studying the diagram on starting our plow; hate the unwieldy bøgger, but using my lady-size shovel on this is just unrealistic.

Brekkers, dress dog and self, get plowing and then go out to rustle up a few hyancinths to do a Radz display.

<monosubject post. sorry>

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