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I started out with Orange.

Suddenly my sim was 'invalid'.

I went to the Orange shop (which is now EE) and was told that the sim had been cancelled due to inactive use, and that they could issue me with a new EE sim - but on a new number.
I'm afraid that I 'lost it', and, after much delving into her computer, she discovered that my number was still 'active' (the previous information had been off the top of her head) and I eventually got my original number restored, albeit on a new cheapo crap handset (it was the only way that they could get the sim to work (it seemed that my original Orange handset was 'corrupted' and wouldn't accept any sim).
I also got to keep my contacts and my PAYG credit.
Now I have a sim-free robust 'contractor's' phone from ALDI which is fitted with two sims (one EE, one Orange).
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