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Today is our first FRIDAY aboard the new craft.
The usual Welcome Aboard cocktails will be served at the bar at 18:00.

A clear and bright start to the day but the guessers are predicting sleet
and wintery showers.

A man goes to visit his doctor,

"Doc, I've got a rather embarassing problem, my farts just don't sound right,"

"Well how do they sound?" enquires the doctor.

"They make a HONDA sound"

The doctor looks puzzled, "Hmm, is there anything else I should know?"

"Well I also have a terrible boil on my arse," replies the man

The doctor looks pleased, "Thats it then. We'll lance that boil and you'll see a difference immediately,"

"Why's that then, Doc?" asks the man

"It's well known," laughs the Doctor, "Abscess makes the fart go Honda."
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