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Morning folks. Another hot one, we have a bit of a drought problem here.

Mrs Exascot deals with home finance, indeed I never carry cash. This talk of leccy charges got me thinking. Apparently we pay 120 a month to run the generator (4 hrs a day). Bottled gas for the fridge and cooker 100 a month and wood for heating water is 50 a year. In Greece we have solar for charging phones etc and oil lamps. Bottled gas for the fridge and cooker is very expensive as we have to pay for a donkey to bring it up the mountain. Water is provided by God in both places. Rain in Greece, lagoon here.

My father seems to be sleeping most of the time now in Wythenshawe Hospital. Outstanding place. My brother is playing him his favourite music. Choral and military bands. One wonders if he is going to drift of his mortal coil or march off it
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