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QR ivew

For those who want to try - I had a peek at QR right from the fence...
I failed the sim.
I was not perfect, but I did enough to pass. IMHO.
The thing that really p----d me off was that I offered to give them feedback about the assessor - they just politely told me to reapply in 6 months.
The assessor made 2 significant mistakes, that upset my exercise.
You can judge for yourself.
1. After the LOFT I was repo for a NPA in OBBI. The sim was not properly synchronized - the a/c symbol was almost on the radial while the display was showing a x-track error of more than 18 miles!!! I was flying it managed lateral but the a/c never intercepted the radial. Just flew through it. I pointed out to the assessor that something was wrong with the sim. His reaction was "It's OK".
2. I was repo for the raw data ILS, A/T on, F2, but during the sim reset the assessor forgot to arm APP PHASE. That's his job, by the way. I failed to notice that and when he released the sim, the a/c rushed to reacquire 250 knots. I said again something's wrong and he had to freeze the sim again as we almost went into flap overspeed.
I believe Airbus pilots will understand very well what happened. There is no benefit from introducing these kind of problems on purpose during an assessment. So I am sure he was just having a bad day at the office. Unfortunately for me!
The guy was quite old. He last flew the A300 for QR, or so he said. His present job is only assessment. So he should have known better. I believe he was Lebanese/Jordanian/Egyptian.
The F/O I was paired with made it and was accepted.
You can draw your own conclusions...
By the way I am not reapplying.
Good luck!

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