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Lateral Seperation NAT MNPS/HLA 25nm? RLATSM

Hello everybody,
There is a question that i can't find an answer.I have just started to 777 from 737 and reading documents about NAT.
So new procedure called as "RLATSM" is in use for some of the OTS. And it says that lateral seperation is now reduced to 25nm between core tracks of OTS's for specific levels. The question is, how come the 1/2 degrees of latitudes become 25nm instead of 30nms? i think SLOP has nothing to do with it.

DOC 007 says that

In Section 1.10 – “Trials and Future Developments”, information is provided on the planned first phase of North Atlantic trials of reducing the lateral separation minimum to 25 NM. This is scheduled to commence in November 2015. In this “RLatSM” Phase 1, 25 NM lateral separation will be implemented by establishing ½ degree spacing between two specified core OTS tracks, for use by RNP4 Approved aircraft logged-on for ADS-C & CPDLC within the vertical limits applicable to the airspace associated with the NAT Region Data Link Mandate.

Which part i have been missing or wrong?

Thanks in advance.
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