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(2) made recommendations concerning the use of two-member crews in the proposed Boeing 757 and 767 and other 'new generation' commercial jet aircraft. I was involved in giving evidence to that Task Force.
The 767 was initially designed for a 3 man crew and it was AFTER the first two flyable were starting fab that the cab was changed to a 2 man crew. One of the resultant issues involvede the ' skull cap ' ( the area between front cockpit windows and the overhead panels). The re routing of hydraulic systems resulted in certain valves/switches being located there. But the chicken gun tests ( x pound bird fired at that area at 200? mph ) resulted in enough damage to that area [ which would take out major hydraulic system controls ] - that the structure had to be redesigned from aluminum structural members to titanium, etc.

I forget all the reasons for the change from three to two- but foggy memory recalls a united airlines Pi*** contest re flight enginerers, crew costs and similar.
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