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It looks like that the reporting system is not a very efficent tool.
In our case we need to bring all the issues to a higher authority in order to get things addressed and eventually corrected.
The German Pilot Union was kind enough to give those problems a bigger forum and will bring our cases and problems to other GCAAs.
Problems consist of:
violation of Duty and Check in Times
non punitive reporting system but still pilots get warnings for reporting incidents
Crew Factor of 7 vs 11 for other regulated Long Haul Carriers
Pilots beeing punished and further beeing pushed into sickness
Sickdays beeing punished with illegal warnings
Pilots threatened for what ever decision they take
Not granting leave according contract
overtime stolen from crew
Paying only sticktime
creating a unhealthy environment and further reducing safety margins
reducing air safety with all these behaviour

If you wana go on with all this bs go ahead and stopp complaining here
or just take the initiative and try to bring our issues to a higher level and see what can be achieved.

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