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I don't disagree with your points for one minute. The suggestion you've made is one out of frustration due to lack of progress and any avenue in which concerns can be highlighted is welcome. I just doubt that a German pilots union will have much sympathy for our 'plight'. Volvo door to door, no driving our own car, no parking, no walking through a terminal to report, no evidence that we're required to report -83. What does the OMA say?

Let's stick with this as an example. The often quoted example of report times on these forums is a valid one. However, why does everyone insist on having to brief the crew 83 minutes before? Where is that written? How is it legal to be undertaking any duty required by the Company when 'not on duty'? If I have an 'official' report time around 0610 with the previous day being OFF, by having to brief the crew at 0547 would be violating that D/O. I simply refuse to do it. There are a minority of Captains who also refuse to and request through the FDM separate transport from the CC.

This would be an example of where the Confidential Reporting system could be used. If only 40 pilots out of the 4000 wrote a report and highlighted this discrepancy, what would be the Companies response? At least you'd have it in writing.

As I said before, almost everyone accepts it because....almost everyone accepts it! There's apathy in not using the system to our advantage. The CSR would be a great tool to help in this example.

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