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Went out in Airwork Hermes G-ALDU? in 1953 from Blackbushe to Nairobi, aged 11. Came back in Britavia Hermes G-ALDX in 1956, via Malta, El Adem, Khartoum and Entebbe. An old bone-shaker, rearward-facing seats, quite noisy but good views as we never got very high. Remember could see camels in the desert. Much later I was a Handley Page apprentice, and much, much later in the UK Customs went on board many a Dart Herald. Thanks for stimulating the memories of long ago, TonyTech, and for your generous words about the Hermes.
PS: The Hermes was not the only prop aircraft that BOAC got rid of in quantity. I remember lines of redundant BOAC Argonauts at LHR in the 60s when I worked there. I used to wonder what happened to them. Excuse thread drift: it was at LHR at that time that I first heard stereo individual piped music onboard a Pan Am 707 - it was fabulous!
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