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"A 772 doing CBR-WLG? That's going to be amusing at the Wellington end."

I have seen ZK-OKQ Air New Zealand at Wellington, and many of the others in the Air New Zealand 773 fleet have visited at some point. If you search Wellington Airport Boeing 777 on youtube theres some vids of them there. My video of ZK-OKQ is here on youtube

At the time of the second and more destructive Christchurch Earthquake in 2011 Air New Zealand used their Boeing 777-200 thru Wellington with no problems, and I guess they would not have done this unless the loading of passengers would be high (if any one has anymore info on these flight please contact me!)

And don't forget we used to have 747SPs and we have had two 707s visit Wellington.

I can't wait to see the Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200s at Wellington!!!

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