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MAG_PressOffice ‏@MAG_PressOffice
One of the reasons MAG airports are growing faster than other UK airports is that they have the spare capacity to handle new services.
I'm not convinced....
Note it says MAG airports, not just Manchester..

And look at the histograms from the Summer Season 2015 ACL report here to see where the spare capacity is by runway and terminal. There was quite a bit as you can see although probably a bit less for 2016 where the scheduling is still work in progress, so the report will not be available for a few months. But please be convinced there is plenty f spare capacity for a lot of the day


SKP1F is quite correct in what he says in the previous post. And MAN is encouraging airlines to operate in the off peak by means of modulated charging ie discounts for operating in off peak periods


Not sure who the tweet is aimed at though; perhaps this is aimed at Bagso to show him they haven't gone to sleep - quite.... Any airline will know full well what is going on without this, so it is presumably part of a "strategy??" aimed at those outside the industry. Or is that asking too much?

And here's the STN capacity report but any discussion about that should be taken over to that thread

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