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Yes room for some off peak growth but as said people want to travel at peak times then the airport must cater for that
Yes, people want to get up at 4am for a 6am departure - not! This is first wave to suit the airlines maximising aircraft flying hours and nothing wrong with that. However first wave departures of a non MAN based aircraft gets to use MAN at an off peak time, so it's dependent on the airline from which end they want to serve MAN-xyz. In terms of leisure, the customer follows the carrier whereas in time sensitive business travel, the carrier must follow the customer.
Please ask yourselves why those gates are empty at off peak times. MAN/airlines growth and profit comes from peak time travel. If it cannot offer gates at peak times, then people and airlines have LPL and LBA.
Ask yourself how many people demand a 6am departure on the first day of their holiday needing an overnight airport hotel stop. Again, this is often carrier driven rather than customer focussed.
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