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I worry, sometimes, at the responses that come from some ppruners. Often, they criticise the professionalism or qualifications of those unable to defend themselves, when in reality, their response speaks more for their own lack of experience or professionalism.
Why are some people so hasty to damn others with so little information?

2 colleagues, whom some of us may have met, and many have not, are no longer with us. This should be a moment of reflection for every single one of us. There are likely less than a handful of people at this time who know anything of what happened, and two of them can no longer tell us.

As for experience, and first job?
2 pilots who have each about 3000hrs, and between 4 and 7 years flying experience in freight Ops, with their company. In other branches of commercial flying, they would likely have between 4000 and 6000 hrs total time each. It has already been mentioned that the nature of our business tends to mean lower hours with similar number of sectors when compared to our peers.
I would be inclined to suggest that these two colleagues are more likely to be quite well experienced, when compared to others.
Sadly, aviation is rather blunt in its understanding of people's qualities; never mind the quality, feel the width! Unfortunately, Hours count higher than all other aspects of experience, which is a very sloppy approach to assessing a person's ability. A trap that a number of our 'colleagues' have already fallen into within this thread.
Is this a sort of keyboard Tourette's? Take a moment before hitting enter.

The facts are few at this time, but speculation is rife. However, there is probably scope for very informative discussion, without trashing people that we hardly know.
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