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Courtney Mil
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It's a strange question, Huey, and you haven't offered much background. I've only recently retired from the higher education world so may be able to help a little.

The simple answer is that there is no "quick" BA or BSc. As has been mentioned, some unis do two year courses, but you will have to meet their entry standard and costs - Buckingham springs to mind, but the competition is stiff from huge numbers of foreign students. The competition isn't just previous quals, it's also how recently you were in education.

If you want to go full time you will have to give up work for three years. The alternative is part time - prepare to take longer - or distance learning such as the OU - which overcomes the problems with entry standards and recent educational experience. These days, it costs the same as any residential university,mthough; gone are the days of the 180 courses.

An honours degree is 360 points (120 a year is considered normal) or you could cut that down by 60 points by accepting a straight BA/BSc (without Hons). I did 120 points whilst working one year and it was bloody tough. You could do concurrent courses, but that's a lot of work and you need to choose courses carefully as, often, one will depend on the knowledge gained from another.

Regardless of distance or residential, you would still need to fit in with tutorials and other timing issues, so difficult to see how you could accelerate that.

How "quick" were you thinking? As for "minimum effort", I doubt you'll get a degree from a UK uni with that approach.
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