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Airbus SOPs

After starting the engines we do the flow performing certain items that will be requested later, then if everything is normal we advise the ground people to disconnect and when they wave us off we read the "after start check list". Now we can both concentrate on the taxi instructions so we request taxi clearance.

Taxi lights on before starting to move are a must.

At times when performing an abnormal checklist, like this "no APU bleed" or "crossbleed" start, other factors mix things up more, like a very warm uncomfortable cockpit due to no bleed air for the packs or behind schedule because of no APU related reasons. Now is when we need most a crew that is used to follow SOPs and a management that doesn't press crews for the reason of the delay. In my airline we can't press management for the reason why the APU hasn't been fixed and has been MELed for a week.
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