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It's not as uncommon as you may think. There was a similar incident with, I believe, a Continental 737 in the States a few years ago.
That was the one in ELP I mentioned above:


The maintenance supervisor I spoke with said it appeared that the mechanic had his ball cap come off and when he stood up to catch it he got ingested by the CFM. He also said there was confusion over whether the run up was to be at 70% N1 or 70% N2.

In the 1989 United 811 B-747 cargo door failure out of HNL several passengers were ejected from the aircraft and human remains were found in engine number 3 after the emergency landing back in HNL.

One story floating around the business at the time was that the engine was quietly barged out to sea and sunk.

But, I read in a travel column years ago that the engine was buried near SFO and a memorial was erected.

Anyone know which, if either, of these accounts is correct?
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